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2003-11-24--8:50 a.m.







finally wrote to N.'s sister yesterday. She is on a mission and it has been 2 months since i wrote her. i am shameful, especially since i really do enjoy writing to her. i finally gave up my excuses and wrote it her, it took quite a while to get all caught up, but i done it and resolved to not fall behind again.

i grocery shopped for thanksgiving on saturday, along with every other person in a 40 mile radius. i am looking forward to having my kind of thanksgiving for the first time in my life. i am cooking the turkey on wednesday so on thursday we can just have hot dinner rolls and left over turkey sandwiches, we are going to watch football and old movies all day and NO ONE is going to say, "shut that game off and come be with the family" HA!! i can't hardly wait, it is going to be the greatest holiday ever. Go Cowboys!